Integration course

For a better togetherness. Learn German at Dialog Sprachschule in Karlsruhe.

People are different, and so are cultures and lifestyles. That is why it is all the more important to create and promote the
and to promote the common bond of the German language. This is how dialogue is created, this is how togetherness is born. And with our integration courses, we contribute to this process and provide our students with the linguistic key to society.
the linguistic key to society. This is how you learn German in Karlsruhe - with a German course at the
Dialog language school. > Here you can find the official leaflet from the BAMF in over 32 languages.

Orientation course

New home Germany. Multi & Kulti at Dialog Sprachschule.

As different as the origins and roots of the migrants living in Germany are; they all have one thing in common:
Their new home - Germany. In our orientation courses our students therefore learn important things about
German history, politics and culture and life in the German community. This enables them to better understand their new
understand their new environment better and participate more actively in social life.
> Here you can find all official questions from the BAMF for the test "Living in Germany".

Parents course

Learn German longer in a parenting course. Very easy at Dialog Sprachschule.

Since everyday life as a parent can be a bit stressful, parenting courses are specially adapted to parents' needs in terms of teaching pace and content. As a parent, you can take 1000 instead of 700 lessons as part of the BAMF integration course program.

DTZ exams

Guaranteed with letter and seal. The Dialog Exam Center.

Dialog Sprachschule is a certified examination center for telc tests. You can take the DTZ exam (German test for immigrants) and other official exams at levels A1, A2 and B1, B2. The German exams are held regularly on Saturdays. On the page dates you can get an overview.

Literacy course

Up and down the ABCs. Learn to read and write at Dialog Sprachschule.

Even nowadays illiteracy is an issue - be it due to lack of school education or personal constitution such as dyslexia. We offer literacy courses for all those who are still insufficiently or not yet Latin literate.

Special course

For profession, education & studies. More German at Dialog Sprachschule.

Do you want to complete vocational training or studies in Germany or have a diploma recognized? Or you want to prepare for a DSH test or TestDaF or similar? If you would like to improve your German you can attend more advanced German courses at the B1+ / B2 level.